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 Thirteen years ago a group of friends sat around partaking of a pint or two in our local hostelry thought that it would be great idea to hold an old fashioned local threshing Fayre.


We must have been mad, intoxicated or both at the time; but we pressed on anyway.


Since then we have only missed one year, but were able to hold a Horse Show in its place, and in that time have raised £1,000s for National and Local Charities, we have also been able to donate to other good local causes.

The Committee have come to a reluctant but a final decision to close the Fayre and disband the Committee, therefore no further Country Fayre’s will take place.


  There are now quite a number of new local Fayre’s started up in recent years and we feel that there are a lot of similar events taking place. It now makes it virtually impossible to create something different and unique, part of our original intention. It also takes a considerable amount of time to put together an event like this and we realise that we’re not as young or spritely as we were 13 years ago when we first started.  


 The Committee has been very lucky in having a number of dedicated volunteers, because of their help and enthusiasm we were able to continue holding the Fayre. We appreciate that without their assistance in kind, the Fayre would not have functioned as well as they have done.


 We wish to extend our thanks to Mr Paul Bellinger, who made his land available for the first two years and our very special thanks to Mr Chris Povah who very graciously allowed us to hold the Fayre at Devonshire Farm for the last 11 years. We would not have been able to hold the Country Fayre in the first place without their kind generosity.


We would like to thank all those people who have helped, sponsored, attended and donated to all our chosen charities, all of which has made a difference to our community.  


Over the years we have, with your support, raised of thousands pounds for both National and Local Charities in Norfolk and Suffolk along with other good causes and community projects.


Again, our thanks for your invaluable support.